Jee Mains 2020 Postponed, What To Do Now ?

Jee Mains 2020 Postponed, What To Do Now ?

Hi everyone I hope all of you are doing well.So this post is going to be about the recent news which you all must have heard that Jee main 2020 has been postponed.This is not going to be a breaking news post, this is going to be what to do after postponement of jee main 2020 examination.

 So as you know Jee main 2020 has been postponed 

So what now ?

Should I prepare for Jee advance, should I prepare for bitsat, should I stop studying, what should I do. 

First of all let me explain in brief what happened for those who don’t know. So till 31st March all your exams like cbse class 10, cbse class 12 and jee main 2020 have been postponed and the new dates will be announced on 31st March

 You already are having a lockdown from your schools and coaching so you are not going anywhere right now so basically you’ve got out 10-15 days gap right now between your Jee mains 2020 date declaration. 

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At this moment you have got absolutely nothing to do, this is a good thing. I want everyone to realize this is a very good thing because you have got more time to study now. I have seen no student during my preparation journey my seniors as well as everyone who have been mentoring online saying that they had more time than they needed for iit jee

Everyone has got a lack of time no one is ever satisfied with their preparation and you are about to get at least two weeks or so of extra time for jee main 2020 because if they are postponing the event then it’s not likely to be postponed by one week or two weeks. I think it will be for a long duration but this is just a speculation. I have got no idea about what the exact extension would be. 

So now what to do about it. So first of all I will divide this into two parts-  first I will talk to those students who are aiming specifically for jee mains 2020 then I will talk to students who are specifically studying for Jee advanced 2020. Those who are confident of their jee mains they want to go into a IIT. I will talk to those students later in this post.

Students Who are Preparing Only for Jee mains 2020

So those students who are preparing specifically for jee main 2020, I would say that you should not really change your pattern because of this announcement.

 You should assume that exam is still being held on 5th to 11th of April or wherever it was because on 31st March they will announce the date. You don’t know if it’ll be a one-week delay, you don’t know if it will be a one month delay, you don’t know if it will be a three month delay. You don’t know that.

it’s best that we always adopt the precaution and we make sure that we are completed with our preparation on the same duration because once you’re prepared with your paper then you can always prepare for the next exams like jee advance or bitsat or you can even fill the gaps.

So I would say that you should prepare as if only 15 days are remaining for your jee main 2020 that is what I would advise. And for that I have already told you what you should be doing, you should be clear with your basics. That’s the most important thing if you are clear with the basics, you’ll definitely ace your jee main 2020. No doubt about that.

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And the must do things are first of all you should do your NCERT really well. You should know everything in ncert that is a must. You should have solved at least the past six-seven years of jee main papers starting 2013 in the very least and you should also have done at least some problem practice of the important types of questions. 

So that is what you should be doing now the extension period is variable  We don’t know if it is postponed by one week, two week, three week, four weeks whatever it’s indeterministic. It depends on how fast the corona virus is spreading, it depends on what the statistics is going to be. You cannot predict it and no one can predict it. Don’t listen to anyone who is giving you advice that this much extension will happen because no one can predict it at all.

So that is why I’m saying your preparation should be such that we have prepared at that time. After that we will do whatever I wanted. 

So once you have reached that period then you should give one paper of jee main which you have not attempted and see how much you score. So it’s like a virtual jee main even if your exam is not held, you should give a jee main paper and see your score because that will be how much would you have scored in the final exam. 
And see where you went wrong where you missed a topic and where we could have improved a bit. And then list down those topics and fix them in those remaining periods. So are you getting my point right now ?
So the point is that you should do as if this is your last time preparation and then you should fix your gaps.

 So please study your ncert, clear your basic, get the course and don’t listen to any bullcrap advice. It could be really dangerous to you or your career. 

These few days will determine your career and you don’t want it to be ruined.

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Students Who are Aiming for Jee Advance 2020

Now those students who are aiming for jee advance 2020. I would sayyou should starts looking for advance because you already are kind of well set for your mains and if you right now would change your pattern because jee advance will be held in roughly middle to end May. 

And by that time, it might be possible that the corona virus is gone. I don’t know, I am not a biologist, I’ve got no idea of that, no one can predict it but it might be possible. We can’t say. 

It may be possible that jee advance will not be postponed and if jee main 2020 will happen on starting May then you will get only 20 days for jee advance 2020. 

Now you should start preparing a little bit for your jee advance 2020 as well. For advance you know you have to solve tough questions, go to your coaching sheets, go to past papers of iit jee. Study the topics which are weak for you in depth. So these are the things which you can do for your jee advanced 2020.

 And for remaining exams like neet, bitsat, I have not heard any news you know so even for those be prepared. 

These things use to happen. For example in 1997 iit jee paper had been leaked and in 2011 aieee paper was leaked. So these events will happen, these are random events. You cannot do anything about it. it is happening to everyone so don’t panic 

People dying and people suffering is much more important, your health is much more important than any rank or getting into any college. So stay safe and study at home. 

Don’t stop studying if you stop study now then it will be very harmful for you, you know it will not happen that now you will never go college. At some point your college admission will happen it might happen one month late, it might happen two months late but it will happen, whenever the virus has gone.

So don’t stop studying, prepare as if your jee mains 2020 is on that day. If you are preparing for the jee advance, study for advanced. So start studying and you should be studying at least 10 to 12 hours right now okay.

And make choices wisely because these few days will build your career. You don’t want later you will be regret, maybe I should have done this, maybe I should have studied NCERT, maybe I should have studied the course, maybe I should have done test papers. Don’t leave any stone unturned.

So I hope this post will help you. Thanks for reading full article. All the best guys !

These advices have been given by Kalpit Veerwal on his youtube channel. So the credit of this post goes to Kalpit Veerwal. You can check his youtube channel.

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