Named Reactions In Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE Mains & Advance PDF Download


So if you are searching for Organic Chemistry Named Reactions Notes for IIT JEE Mains and Advance, Class 11, Class 12 or NEET to download in pdf format, your search will be end here.

Named Reactions In Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE Pdf Download


Organic chemistry has a lot of name reactions which you should remember. It is important both for boards and iit jee mains and advnace (or neet).
This notes contains named reactions from organic chemistry class 11 and class 12. You must download this notes. It will be highly useful in your preparation. It is written in a very simple language. So you will find this notes easy to understand. You will find all the name reactions in one place in an organised manner

Complete Organic Chemistry Handwritten Notes
Complete Inorganic Chemistry Handwritten Notes

Named Reactions In Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE Mains & Advance / NEET PDF Download

Following named reactions are covered in this pdf :-

  • Sandmeyer Reaction
  • Gatterman Reaction
  • Balz-Schiemann Reaction
  • Finkelstein Reaction
  • Swarts Reaction
  • Wurtz Reaction
  • Wurtz-Fittig Reaction
  • Fittig Reaction
  • Friedel-Crafts alkylation Reaction
  • Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction
  • Reimer-Tiemann Reaction
  • Kolbe’s Reaction
  • Rosenmund Reduction
  • Stephen reaction
  • Etard reaction
  • Gatterman – Koch reaction
  • Clemmensen Reduction
  • Wolff Kishner Reduction
  • Tollens’ test
  • Fehling’s test
  • Aldol reaction
  • Aldol condensation.
  • Cross aldol condensation
  • Cannizzaro reaction
  • Kolbe electrolysis
  • Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky (HVZ ) reaction
  • Gabriel phthalimide synthesis
  • Hoffmann bromamide degradation reaction
  • Carbylamine reaction
  • Hinsberg’s Test
  • Coupling Reactions 

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Useful For:

  • JEE Mains & Advance
  • NEET
  • Class 11
  • Class 12

Google drive link of named reactions notes is given below.



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