Don’t Be Harsh On Yourself | JEE MAINS, JEE Advance, Boards


Don't Be Harsh On Yourself | JEE MAINS, JEE Advance, Boards


We should not go to Extremes for preparation. We should not do injustice to ourselves.


If you are working very hard then you should not be very harsh on yourself.

Some students will keep on cursing themselves that they are not able to perform well, what parents will say they are earning money with so much of hard work and I am of no use, I am wasting their money.

One should not have these kinds of negative feelings.

First of all if you are having this kind of thinking then it is really a big thing as many people do not realize their mistakes. So this means you are awesome.

If you are able to realize your mistake, if you are this real realisation that I have to do something for my parents, whoever is working for me, I will be working for them in return then definitely you are a very good person at heart And whatever you are doing you are giving your best.

Now you should not be negative towards yourself and should not be Harsh towards yourself.

I will suggest you to perform your best and leave rest to God. Do not take this kind of pressure and do not do injustice to yourself by cursing yourself all the time.

If you have done some mistakes (which is a common thing as humans do make mistakes) then you should go for course correction that I will not repeat this kind of mistakes and it does not mean that we should curse ourself and in the process waste more time.

We should not be that much Harsh on ourself. I will say you are awesome.

  Stay Positive! , Stay Awesome !!

                   By MOHIT TYAGI Sir

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