How To Get 99+ Percentile in JEE Main 2020


In this post, we will discuss 4 tips which will be very helpful for JEE Main 2020.


How To Get 99+ Percentile in JEE Main 2020

Strong V/S Weak Topics, How To Cover Them ?

Please make sure to complete the entire syllabus, please remember this important thing. At this time you seem that you have only about 45 days and you cannot complete the entire syllabus. But just take me a simple example of M.S. Chauhan’s organic chemistry book: It has a total of 15 chapters if you do one chapter each day or one chapter in 2 days. It means that entire M.S. Chauhan that is to be very exact the entire organic chemistry can be solved in 2 X 15 = 30 days.


Similarly, you can solve physics and mathematics. Because easy problems can come from any of the chapters. And if it happens then your friends will be able to do it and you cannot. 

Remember easy questions will get the qualification and the difficult question will get you a good rank. So please make sure to complete all the chapters.


How To Cover The Entire Syllabus? An Efficient Way!


And the next question is how can we do the syllabus completion in the most efficient manner. So please understand for the most efficient syllabus completion, first of all, take a printout of the syllabus. And as you finish any topic underline it on the syllabus. Follow it on all three subjects.

What Is The Best Way To Follow A Given Schedule?

The next important tip is that please make a time table as soon as possible. The time table helps you to work in an organized manner. Don’t keep unrealistic goals.

An Unorthodox But An Important Tip!

Don’t listen to the songs with lyrics. If you are listening to a song which has lyrics in it, that will always play in your head when you are not able to solve the questions.

How Important Really Are The NCERT Books For PCM ? 

What people think is that ncert is a very important book for jee mains, which is totally wrong. Please understand ncert is only important for inorganic chemistry and the last chapters of organic chemistry e.g, biomolecules, polymers, chemistry in everyday life, environmental chemistry.

 But for physics, it is not that important and also not for physical chemistry. But for mathematics, I would recommend solving these three chapters: probability, 3d geometry, and statistics. I would request you to solve these three chapters from the ncert also because it will act as a very high confidence booster for all of you.

What Are The Important Books To Follow During This Point Of Time ?

And the next tip is don’t follow multiple books. Either MS Chauhan or Himanshu Pandey, Either cengange to tmh, either HC Verma or DC Pandey. You can solve any book, but for any subject, do one book completely. Do full justice to one book, don’t run after multiple books.

Hard work Is a Vector Quantity, How To Work hard Efficiently ?

Smart work is much much greater than hard work at this particular time. Always remember when you implement hard work, it is a vector quantity. If you increase the magnitude but the direction is not proper then that hard work remains hard work only. 


If you want to make that hard work into smart work then please work in the proper direction also. Vector has both magnitude and direction, so implement both.


All the best guys!

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