How to Solve HC VERMA Book For JEE Mains and Advance

How to Solve HC VERMA Book For IIT JEE

Welcome Back!   How To Solve HC VERMA? Students often think how to solve HC VERMA book. 

Medical students say they won’t solve it because they sometimes feel it’s tough for them. And engineering students say they want to solve but they are unable to do so. They fail to solve it but deep inside they know it’s necessary. 

So how to solve HC VERMA book? What technique one should adopt to do so? Even I faced problems while solving HC VERMA. There is a technique to solve HC VERMA. 

HC VERMA is a kind of book which clears your concepts using numericals. Right? It makes you learn theory while solving numericals.

The theory which it provides is very less. If you go to any teacher or read any other book you will find more theoretical content. Even more than what is given in HC VERMA book. But. Whatever theory the other sources teach. It is actually learnt while solving the numericals given in HC VERMA book. 

The theory is kind of hidden in the numericals of HC VERMA book. You solve the questions. Those are questions as well as theories. Memorise their results or just analyse them. That is important for solving HC VERMA.

If you do it with just a numerical solving point of you. It won’t be interesting. Solve it with a learning attitude. Like if you pick any question from HC VERMA, understand what theory we can learn using that question, learn that. Right? It’s a wonderful book and a must solve book for all the competitive exams.

Whatever maybe the level of examination, solving HC VERMA is a must. Right? Because your concepts get cleared. You get to know what the theory is and what are it’s applications.

The beautiful way in which step by step questions are arranged in HC VERMA. You will not see easily in other books. Limited problems, all excellent problems, complete theory using those numericals. 

Now, after understanding why one should solve it,the next question comes how one should solve it. It is sometimes difficult to solve, get the solution booklets, as simple as that. There are many solution booklets in the market. In the internet there are many solution references, download them or bring them from the market. Refer to them. 


If you think If I watch the solutions. What will be my benefit? 

It’s nothing like that. You watch the solutions. You try the questions first. Try for 5 minutes. If you don’t get the way to solve then think whether you missed to learn any theory or not. In case you missed a theory then first go and read that. Or if you know the theory but still you are unable to solve. You don’t get the way to proceed. Then watch the solutions. Learn out of it, no harm in that, Right? Do like this.

Now there are some big big numericals in HC VERMA book but whose answers are quite simple and some questions are also there which are very complex, which consists of… Many applications. You are SOLVING question of a particular chapter but it has some link with previous 4-5 chapters. So,that type of question is extremely important, specially for JEE ADVANCED because that one question clears all your different areas. Right? 

In this way one should solve HC VERMA. Get a solution booklet and start solving.

Suppose you are going anywhere, say for example classroom. Right? Take a question of HC VERMA. Either take the written question or just get that into your mind, analyse it or take an image of the question.

Suppose you are travelling inside a bus, see that question, think about that question. Your thinking skills will improve. You are going anywhere, you are sitting idle, take a question of HC VERMA. You are sitting with friends, nothing interesting happening, keep images of questions in your phone, see those questions, think.

You are travelling somewhere, sitting inside car, see them, see the questions. You are inside tution center and if teacher is not teaching at the moment, if teacher went outside for some time, see the questions, think about it.

Plan that you must solve 5 questions of HC VERMA everyday. If I am unable to do, even then I will complete the task by watching the solutions. I will learn. With this attitude to solve HC VERMA. Right?

If you think it is kind of your school’s homework and you will solve all 40 questions in one go, you might fail. Even you won’t feel it interesting. Just pick 4-5 questions. 

Suppose your teacher teaches you any topic. See, check for related questions inside HC VERMA exercises. You will get some additional theories. Some results you will get. The answer which comes after solving are actually results. Which are sometimes asked directly in examinations. General Results are there in terms of variables. If you put values inside that, you will get answer directly. 

Say for example your result is in terms of a sine function. If you memorise that result.In JEE same question will be asked. 60 degrees or 30 degrees,something will be given. You can directly put the variable and get your answer. 

One more thing while solving the numericals of HC VERMA.. You get the idea of derivations. Derivations are asked in Board Exams, for that also lots of tension is there. How will we do derivations? How we will do derivations? 

So if you do in that way. Derivations will also be clear to you. Right? It’s a must solve book.You should always do it. Doesn’t matters you are medical student or engineering student

Medical students do till the limit possible for you. You don’t need to go to the extreme level but still you solve. Solve the questions through which you get help in understanding theories. And then more brain storming questions, you may skip. Because, too tough questions are not generally asked in your examinations.

But Engineering students… JEE MAINS/JEE ADVANCED!!  Must Solve. Must Solve! Must Solve! OK?? 



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