5 Effective Tips to Crack IIT JEE


5 Effective Tips to Crack IIT JEE


Welcome back!!   In this post I will give you five insane hacks to make your JEE preparation much better, So stay-tuned for that.

Hack Number One – Do Not Plan 

Yes, do not plan. I have seen lots of students and I myself when I was preparing, whenever I made any plan I would always become disappointed after a day because I would never be able to stick to that plan.

I am sure that happens to you as well, so what you should do instead is that you should take whatever time you have and study that’s what you have to do. Right? 

So instead of just sitting around and looking at your phone pointlessly, just study and you must be wondering but sir should not we have a target in our mind? 

Well the main target that you have is of course JEE and you all know what to do to crack that examination. Right?  But again to terror yourself to the goal please make sure that you have weekly or by weekly targets keep you on track but if you make a strict plan, I am sure you won’t be able to keep because we are all human at the end of the day and if you don’t needed you will get disappointed and that will give you stress and that will ruin your preparation. You know it’s a downward spare. So hack number one is don’t plan.

Hack Number Two – Revise Your Entire Day Before Sleeping 

What is that mean before you are going to bed just sit for 10 minutes and think off what has happened in the entire day what did you study what did you eat etc.,.etc.,.

It is just a technique to improve your memory overtime. If you do this for one month you will definitely notice that your memory has been improved drastically. So this is just a hack that improves your overall memory which is definitely helpful for the examination.

Hack Number Three – Do Something Interesting While Studying 

Well! I know that studying may get boring in times so the way to trick your brain studying for long periods of time is to do interesting while studying.

So for instance we just eat a charnet with chutney with the food. Yes! we like to make things interesting so one thing that we can do is eat while studying, snack while studying, you can have some peanuts or chips or popcorn while studying. 

Yes and that will trick your brain into thinking that you are doing something interesting while you are doing of those tough problems.

Now lot of people will say but sir won’t that make us fat?  Trust me in your age extra food does not do any damage you can do the exercise later and get that sorted.

One more thing that you can do which will counter act the extra calories you had is walk while studying. Yes!! that will also make your study interesting, will trick your brain and you will be able to read a lot.

So take your NCERT walk around take a sheet of questions walk around while solving them.

Hack Number Four – Make Mind Maps Of Every Chapter 

Well this is the most interesting hack of all of these, what you should do after covering every chapter is that you should be able to revise that chapter without opening the notebook.

So for example you started the chapter of atomic structure, sit down in one place, close your eyes and think what happened in that chapter – Dalton’s atomic theory then we came up with the discovery of electron, proton, neutron, cathode rays and then you were went on to the Bohr’s model of the atom and then Schrodinger came in. You get the idea. Right?  So in 15 minutes also you should able to revise the entire chapter in your brain.

Hack Number Five – Take Breaks 

Well! I am sure you heard a lot of peoples say that you should make an habit of sitting for a long period of time and studying that is good but you should take small breaks in the middle because when you take a break your brain refreshes and then you will be able to study much better and much more efficiently.

Let’s say you can sit for 20 minutes without any distractions, do that and once you start feeling a little tired take a 2 minute break, take a walk and then come back to studying. This will enable you overtime to increase the amount of time that you can sit for in one go.

Even in the examination after every subject you should take a tiny 2 minute break so that you are refreshed for the next one.

These are the five hacks. I hope you enjoyed them and they will be helpful. Please make sure share it with your friends.

And do let me know if you have any hacks of your own in the comment section down below.


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