Download NV Sir Physics Notes PDF | NV Sir Notes Class 11, Class 12, JEE MAIN and Advanced


Free Download NV Sir Complete Physics Notes for Class 11, Class 12, JEE MAIN an Advanced in PDF Format. Here I will provide you Google Drive link of NV Sir Notes.

NV Sir Physics Notes PDF


Full name of NV Sir is Nitin Vijay. He has done bachelor of technology ( From IIT, BHU. So he is an IITIAN. He completed his in 2007. He is the senior faculty of Motion (Kota). He is also teaching in Etoos.

Download NV Sir Physics Notes PDF

NV sir teaches physics. He has 15 years of experience in teaching. He has in-depth knowledge of physics. You will never get bored in NV Sir’s class. Whenever he feels that students are getting bored, he tries to make himself funny just to draw students’ attention towards him.


NV Sir Notes Class 11 PDF

Newton Laws of Motion (NLM)
Circular Motion
Rotational Motions
Work, Energy and Power
Centre of Mass
Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)
Thermal Expansion
Surface Tension
NV sir class 11 notes consist of two parts:-

NV Sir Notes Class 12 PDF  

Current Electricity
Magnetic Effect of Current
Electromagnetic Induction (EMI)
Alternating Current (AC)
Heat Transfer
Newton’s Law of Cooling
Nuclear Physics
Modern Physics
NV sir class 12 notes consist of three parts:-

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