How to score 220+ marks in JEE Main 2022


JEE Main 2022: The JEE main 2022 session 1 is scheduled to be conducted on April 21, April 24, April 25, April 29, May 1 and May 4. Here are some tips to crack JEE main 2022 in the first attempt.

Dear Aspirant,

You might be unaware of the fact that from 2020, JEE mains will be 300 marks unlike previously 360 marks. This year JEE has gone through some pattern changes.

Now there will be 25 Questions in each section implying a total of 75 questions with +4/-1 marking. So 220 with respect to 360 and with respect to 30 is a different thing.

However, to score good marks in JEE, you have to prepare with consistency and dedication irrespective of the format of the paper.

You must clear all of your concepts according to the syllabus and then prepare with dedication and solve questions daily on the concepts you have prepared.

Strategy for How To Score 220+ In JEE MAIN 2022| Revision Priority by Shailendra Maheshwari (SM Sir) eCareerPoint-JEE

Then once you have read some concepts and solved the questions, revise the topic after a couple of weeks. Do this for all the topics and you will get a good rank in JEE.

Hope this helps. Thank you.

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