[PDF] Download Organic Chemistry Notes For JEE MAIN 2022


General Organic Chemistry (GOC) covers the fundamentals of organic chemistry. It is a prerequisite to study further in organic chemistry. Don’t directly jump to reaction mechanisms and named reactions before covering General Organic Chemistry (GOC) else you cannot understand the mechanisms.

[PDF] General Organic Chemistry (GOC) Notes For IIT JEE & NEET

General Organic Chemistry Notes PDF

So you know the importance of general organic chemistry and searching for general organic chemistry. Here I will provide you the best handwritten General Organic Chemistry Notes for JEE and NEET which you can download free of cost in pdf format.

General Organic Chemistry Syllabus

So you want to study General Organic Chemistry (GOC), but are confused about where to start? what to study first? what will be the sequence of topics?

That’s why you start searching like “General Organic Chemistry (GOC) Chapters FOR JEE” OR “General Organic Chemistry (GOC) Syllabus For JEE” and you landed here. Right?

Then congratulation, you are at the right place. Below are General Organic Chemistry (GOC) Chapters For JEE which is arranged in the best sequence for beginners.

General Organic Chemistry (GOC) Chapters For JEE

1.) IUPAC Nomenclature

2.) Isomerism (Structural Isomerism and Stereoisomerism)

3.) Electrophiles and Nucleophiles

4.) Inductive Effect (+I Effect and -I Effect)

5.) Hyperconjugation

6.) Resonance and Mesomaric Effect

7.) Electromeric Effect (+E and -E Effects)

8.) Reaction Intermediates (Carbocation, Carbanion, Free Radical, Carbene, Nitrene, and Benzyne)

Downloading Link of GOC NOTES

Google drive link of goc pdf notes is given below:-

I hope you will find  Organic Chemistry Notes helpful!!

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